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Virtual Journal of Nanotechnology, Environment, Health & Safety

The Virtual Journal of Nanotechnology Environment, Health & Safety is a monthly journal that contains citations and links to articles that have appeared in a variety of traditional journals and that are related to the environment and health impacts of nanotechnology, with a particular emphasis on nanomaterials. VJ-nanoEHS organizes information contained in ICON’s EHS Database into a reader-friendly monthly journal format. For a limited time you may still access the old portal into the EHS Database here. The articles listed in each monthly issue have, for the most part, been published during that month, but older ones may be included at the discretion of the editor. Special features of VJ-nanoEHS to look for in the future include a rotating guest editorship and a series of Occasional Papers on topics of interest taken from the contents of the database.

Article Submissions to Source Journals

Original manuscript submissions to the VJ-nanoEHS are not accepted; however, your article may appear in this virtual journal if it falls within the scope of the virtual journal and is published in one of the journals we watch. If you wish to submit a manuscript to one of the source journals, please follow the information on manuscript preparation and submission for that specific journal. If you wish to submit your already-published paper for inclusion in VJ-nanoEHS, please use the form below.

Browsing The Journal

The virtual journal can be browsed by author, journal, or date or by using the Advanced Search features on the VJ-nanoEHS home page.

Most Cited Nano EHS Papers

This feature will be implemented in the future.

How To Cite Articles

When citing an article that has appeared in this virtual journal, the source journal article should be cited — the virtual journal itself should not be cited. For a given virtual journal article, the appropriate full citation for the source journal article appears in the virtual journal table of contents entry.

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This work is supported in part by the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Initiative of the National Science Foundation
under NSF Award Number EEC-0118007.

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