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Bartlomiejczyk T, Lankoff A, Kruszewski M, Szumiel I
Silver nanoparticles - allies or adversaries?
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine
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Chen H, Dorrigan A, Saad S, Hare DJ, Cortie MB, Valenzuela SM
In Vivo Study of Spherical Gold Nanoparticles: Inflammatory Effects and Distribution in Mice
PLoS One
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Du J, Li X, Yang C, Li W, Huang W, Huang R, Zhou X, Deng H
Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Activity of Chitosan-organic Rectorite Intercalated Nanofibrous Mats
Current Nanoscience
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Kim JS, Peters TM, O'Shaughnessy PT, Adamcakova-Dodd A, Thorne PS
Validation of an in vitro exposure system for toxicity assessment of air-delivered nanomaterials
Toxicology in Vitro
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Linkov I, Bates ME, Trump BD, Seager TP, Chappell MA, Keisler JM
For nanotechnology decisions, use decision analysis
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Masarovicova E, Kralova K
Metal Nanoparticles and Plants
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S
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Ong C, Lim JZZ, Ng C-T, Li JJ, Yung L-YL, Bay B-H
Silver Nanoparticles in Cancer: Therapeutic Efficacy and Toxicity
Current Medicinal Chemistry
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Stecanella LA, Taveira SF, Marreto RN, Valadares MC, de Sousa Vieira M, Kato MJ, Lima EM
Development and characterization of PLGA nanocapsules of grandisin isolated from Virola surinamensis: in vitro release and cytotoxicity studies
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia (Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy)
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Volkmer TM, Lengler F, Barreiro O, Sousa VC, dos Santos LA
Novel method for the obtainment of nanostructured calcium phosphate cements: Synthesis, mechanical strength and cytotoxicity
Powder Technology
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Yang XN, Cui FY
Stability of nano-sized titanium dioxide in an aqueous environment: effects of pH, dissolved organic matter and divalent cations
Water Science & Technology
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